What do we do?

When somoeone asks me what we do at work, I say: dreams. There are three responses to that:

  1. wow, that is super cool
  2. …wait what did you say?
  3. so what do you actually do?

I must say that 2. and 3. are the most popular ones. So what is that we do?

We have been exploring and studying sleep. Our COO, our chief psychologist as well as our algorithm master took a sleep study course: evaluation and reporting of sleep, PSG, MSLT and MWT studies at the Polish Sleep Research Society in the Institute of Psychiatry and Neurology. We’ve used the knowledge gained to build an app to prevent nightmares.

How does it work?

Before falling asleep you start the app we’ve creted, you select a Dream Scape, you watch a short, 2 minute video created by us and then you fall asleep. During the night we play specific sounds at specific moments so your brain would be reminded about the video you have seen so it would not create nightmares (check out the article about our recent user tests)

By doing clinical research last year, we’ve identified in which exact moments of sleep dreams are created so we know when to play the sounds so it would be effective. A little bit of magic and a lot of science.

Our long-term goal is to build an app for entertainment which would become a Dream on Demand platform. Dreams could become a new form of entertainemnt next to TV, books and VR. For now sleeping is not the most interesting part of our lives but we want to make it so. We want to design beautiful dream for better health.